The one-time House of Pain frontman hasn’t quite secured an opening act, but a touring compadre is expected to be announced shortly, a spokesman told Pollstar.

So far eight dates are firmed up, including January 25 at the House of Blues in Chicago and stops in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. He has a gig penciled in April 6 at the Astoria in London, leaving plenty of room for dates to be added on either side of the Pond.

Before trekking with Jakob Dylan and his band, Everlast toured much of the year with Carlos Santana. He performed a duet for the legendary guitarist’s multiplatinum, multi-Grammy winning Supernatural album in 1999.

But perhaps the most headline-grabbing performance for Everlast in 2000 has been an ongoing beef with Eminem. The two have exchanged “battle raps” that have included death wishes, spousal insults and even calls for violence.

Of course, it may all be in good public-relations fun – and if so, it’s certainly been effective.

If not, it may be worth noting that Eminem will be an ocean’s-length away in Europe when Everlast hits the road.