“Hi there. I’m your new roommate. Wow! Look at all the CDs! I’ve never seen so many CDs in one place. Except in a record store, of course. Me? No, I don’t have any CDs. But I have plenty of cassettes. That’s right, I just tape other people’s CDs. Saves on the cash, you know? But I don’t have that one by Offspring. Mind if I tape it?

“Say, is that an Eric Clapton T-shirt? He’s one of my favorites. Uh, mind if I try it on? It’s okay, I showered. It looks like we wear the same size. Cool.

I see you grabbed something at Mickey D’s. Mind if I swipe a couple of French Fries? Is that a Insane Clown Posse CD? I’m just starting to get into them. I think I’ll tape that next and… Oh, look, I’m all out of cassettes. You wouldn’t happen to… Thanks.

“Oh, hell, it looks like I forgot to pack my stereo. You don’t mind if I use yours, do you? No, don’t bother to get up. I’m sure I can figure it out, and… and…uh… Is it supposed to smoke like that? And it looks like the sparks burned a hole in your shirt. Mind if I grab another one? How about that Backstreet Boys T-shirt? What? It won’t fit me? Ridiculous. After all, the other one fit and… See? Like a glove.

“And I’d like to tape that Luka Bloom CD. And Snoop Dogg, Green Day and Cowboy Mouth. After all, we’re roommates, right? What’s yours is mine and what’s mine… Ow! I got a french fry stuck between my teeth. Heck, I think I forgot my toothbrush. Where’s yours? Uh? Germs? Don’t worry, I’ll rinse it before I use it.

“You know, I’m a pretty good judge of character and I think you’re going to be a great roommate. Oh, crap, I forgot to pack underwear. Say… Thanks.

“My name? Oh, stupid me. Please forgive my manners. It thought I already told you.

“It’s Fanning. Shawn Fanning. Uh, you gonna eat that?”