Considered by many critics to be the cream of the recent crop of neo-folkies coming out of the Beantown scene, Sexton will launch the outing February 2 at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, N.Y.

So far, he has firmed up mainly club stops in 14 cities, including Baltimore, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and St. Louis.

Sexton, one of 14 children in the family, taught himself to sing and play guitar as he knocked around with garage bands beginning in eighth grade in his hometown of Syracuse, N.Y.

In 1988 he gave up the Led Zeppelin covers and headed for Boston to play the fabled folk circuit, released a D.I.Y. cassette of an album’s worth of material, and by relentless touring built up a sizeable fan base.

By 1996 he was performing opening duties for artists such as Jackson Browne, John Hiatt, and Art Garfunkel.

His Atlantic Records debut, The American, was released in 1998.