But take a closer look at the two artists – as disparate in age and musical style as they may be – and it’s easy to see how these two could be kindred spirits.

Kid Rock has declared himself an American bad ass. Coe, on the other hand, has proven it.

According to the country outlaw himself, he spent 20 of his first 34 years in prisons and reform schools – allegedly including a stint on Death Row for killing a fellow inmate. When Rolling Stone reportedly questioned him about the incident, Coe responded with a song: “I’d Like To Kick The Shit Out Of You.”

The enigmatic singer/songwriter is better known, however, for writing hit songs for the cream of the traditional country crop, including Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones. His biggest hit was “Take This Job And Shove It,” performed by Johnny Paycheck.

Between prison stays, murder, the beaded beard, tattoos, long hair (now in dreadlocks), and two X-rated albums he recorded for the listening pleasure of a motorcycle gang, Coe is to Nashville what Marilyn Manson is to the Boy Scouts.

So maybe the pairing with Kid Rock isn’t such a stretch, after all.

“He and Kid Rock are friends,” a spokesman for Coe told Pollstar. “Kid’s real generous; a real good person. It started last year – David did a few shows for him. We read a magazine article that said Kid Rock really liked David Allen Coe, so we called him up and they met on the road.”

Coe will open the shows with a 15-20 minute set. He’ll also perform some club gigs of his own after the concerts in Charlotte, N.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Huntington, W.V.; and Chicago.

And just how does a typical Kid Rock audience react to the sight of a dreadlocked, 61- year-old country singer up there on the stage to open the show?

His rep didn’t miss a beat: “Are you kidding? They respond really great to him; they’re great fans.”