The hard-working ska-punk outfit will kick off the latest leg in what seems like a never-ending tour February 2 in its hometown of Gainesville, Fla. The band plays clubs in major and secondary markets such as Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; New York City; Norfolk, Va.; and Milwaukee. Against All Authority opens on three Florida dates.

Then, LTJ will cross the Pond for a series of gigs in Spain, Italy and the U.K.

While the Bon Jovi tour provided good exposure, the upcoming outing will get Less Than Jake back in front of the group’s own fans.

“I can tell you that we played for a half hour to people twice our age,” drummer Vinnie said of the trek with the mainstream-rock veterans.

“We threw out a bunch of inflatable stuff, sang ‘80’s rock ballads till I worried about our sanity, and basically thought the experience was cool.”

LTJ did manage to get its fifth studio album, Borders & Boundaries, onto store shelves in October, and will likely continue to tour through most of 2001.

In addition to the dates announced, Less Than Jake expects to mount an Australian tour and be back in the States in time for an anticipated slot on next summer’s Warped Tour.