Boasting an unusual seating arrangement, as well as Internet presales, there’s something for everyone in the upcoming tour by Ireland’s most famous band.

Unlike most sports arena shows that have reserved seating coupled with end-of-arena staging, U2’s “Elevation Tour” features a general admission open floor, high-priced reserve seating to either the left or right of stage and medium priced seats on the middle levels.

Of course, the varied seating comes with varied pricing. For $45 you can pick the general admission floor or the reserved seating in the upper levels. Those reserved seats either side of the stage are going for $130, and everything in between will cost you $85.

How do fans like the unique seating arrangement? The first six dates to go on sale sold out immediately, causing the tour’s promoter, SFX, to add extra shows in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto. SFX handled last year’s Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour as well as the past several Rolling Stones tours.

In some cases your ticket dollar will buy you more than just a seat to see Bono and company rock through their impressive catalog of hits. In certain markets, VIP seating includes dinner and a chance to win a framed autographed poster of the band.

“With the cooperation of SFX we were able to produce a VIP package at our Lexus Courtside Club,” said Global Spectrum’s John Page, general manager of Philadelphia’s , which is hosting two U2 shows. Page also said that there will be an Irish-cuisine dinner, including Irish potato salad, roasted sirloin, turfed Celtic salmon and corned beef and cabbage.

“SFX has really pushed it so they can give the people a greater experience and push higher end tickets so it works out great for everybody,” added Page. “So we’re able to hit some of our clientele that desire tickets and are willing to pay anything, and offer them a nice food package and a great experience.”

Page also told Pollstar that SFX allowed them to set aside tickets for its Flyers First and 76ers First clubs, making it possible for the venue to give their long-time customers a chance to see one of the hottest tours of the year.

How do you buy tickets? Online presales are taking place, usually three or four days before the general onsale for each market. Those who register at the band’s Web site will receive an email about 24 hours before the presale, with information on how to buy tickets online at Ticketmaster.

However, the presale isn’t for everyone. Not only must you include the email address you used when registering, but you must also include the secret password that came in the email sales announcement. And yes, the password changes every week.

U2 has a much broader demographic than most bands. Like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and The Who, the band’s fan base includes boomers who are accustomed to shelling out big bucks for good seats and perks as well as Generation X throughY’ers, who either can’t afford the higher ticket prices, or just don’t care to dig too deeply into their pockets for concert ticket money. With reserved seating, general admission, and in some cases, dinner, the fan will have plenty of choices when U2 comes to town.