Ron and Krishelle Bennett of Lincoln, Neb., said they paid $1,535 during an eBay auction on the Internet for unrestricted backstage passes to Nugent’s August 25 concert at Sandstone Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs, Kansas. They also were promised front-row concert seats and dinner with Nugent.

The Bennetts claim in a lawsuit filed January 22 in Lancaster County Court that they received limited-access backstage passes and that Nugent did not join them for dinner.

Thy claim he only talked to them briefly before the concert. Then they received tickets for seats some 30 rows back, which had a face value of $45 each. After complaining, they were allowed to watch from the side of the stage.

“This guy was my hero,” said Ron Bennett, 35, a student and part-time bartender. “I was thrilled to see him, and he basically destroyed my belief in rock and roll.”

The Bennetts are asking for unspecified damages for fraud and a breach of contract.

A rep for Nugent said he had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment specifically, but added the charges were without merit.

The 52- year-old rocker and hunting advocate rose to fame in the 1970s. His hits include “Cat Scratch Fever.”