The outing is still being firmed up and most of the venues haven’t been announced. So far, the itinerary calls for shows in 27 markets the band missed on last fall’s swing, including Nashville, Tenn.; Little Rock, Ark.; Charlotte, N.C.; Portland, Ore.; Fargo, N.D., and Madison, Wis.

Larger market stops include Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston and Philadelphia.

The group is currently on the road in their homeland, and heads to Japan February 19-22 before taking a well-deserved break.

AC/DC is backing Stiff Upper Lip, the 17th album in their long history. With the addition of yet another extensive tour leg, it appears that the band’s drawing power is still very much intact.

“We’ve learned never to pay too much attention to the trends, or what the experts are telling you is the next big thing,” frontman Angus Young said of AC/DC’s longevity.

“Our fans know what to expect from us. I always say sometimes it’s the guy digging the ditch that can tell you more about building the road than all the engineers put together.”