Pearlman – who once worked with Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, and now handles O-Town – has also signed The Monkees to record for his Trans Continental record label. The group – comprising original members Micky Dolenz , Davy Jones and Peter Tork – will record their hits “Daydream Believer,” “Stepping Stone,” and “Valleri” along with live material.

Natural, an EMG-signed boy band that actually plays instruments, will tour with The Monkees in the spring. The ‘60s heartthrobs will follow that with a June/July outing. Live concert footage will be filmed for television and a future DVD.

Jones said the Monkees are very excited to be back together. “It’s something we did not expect but after the VH1 movie “Behind the Music,” our greatest hits record went gold and we started to receive a lot of pressure from our fans to go back on the road again.”

Monkees manager David Fishof called the pairing “a move of brilliance.” He told Pollstar, “Great pop music is timeless. What better example than one bill featuring the legendary Monkees and the newest pop sensation to come out of Lou Pearlman’s stable?”

Pearlman said he considers it an honor to work with such legends of pop history. “The Monkees served as a model and inspiration for the success of all of our Trans Continental artists,” he said.