The concert at St. Andrew’s Hall came to an abrupt halt when some Slim Shady enthusiasts rushed the stage in response to Everlast’s taunting – including his description of Em as a “f**king midget.” The two rappers have maintained a feud in the press since last summer.

Detroit television station WDIV reported that some of those rushing the stage may have been members of D-12, an Eminem protégé group. Reps for Eminem have denied that report, saying the group was in Europe where the rapper is touring.

After making it past security to the stage, one man reportedly grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Are you going to let this motherf****r come to Detroit [and disrespect Eminem]?” Power to the stage was then cut off, and the man began swinging the mic stand as chairs and beer bottles started to fly.

“I guess you could say trash talking took place and some people in the crowd didn’t like it,” Detroit police Sgt. Ricardo Moore told the Detroit Free Press.

Everlast left the stage before the melee began and was unhurt. The fight broke up as police arrived, and no arrests were reported.

The fracas prompted the raspy-voiced singer and his reps to explain the concert’s premature end: “Tommy Boy Music, Deluxe Entertainment and Everlast regret the unfortunate circumstances of Friday night at Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall. Everlast did not want to end his show abruptly, however to insure the audiences’s safety he felt it necessary to do so. Everlast appreciates the support and concern of his fans in Detroit.”

The Motor City area has seen more than its share of Eminem-related publicity. Last summer, he amassed weapons charges and other offenses after a series of altercations in nearby Warren and Royal Oak, Mich., one of which involved an associate of Insane Clown Posse.