Launching with a party at the newly reopened upstairs at Studio 54 in New York City, Prince-ophiles can join the fam-ily by registering with the NPG Music Club. Membership goodies range from rehearsal videos to VIP passes to all Prince shows and after-parties.

It’s a departure from the usual online fan club, where perks like free concert tickets are usually reserved for very few members. Instead, the NPG Music Club is offering coveted VIP passes to anyone willing to cough up $100 annually for a premium membership.

The pass covers not only preferred seating at any Prince show, anywhere, but to any of the star’s legendary after-shows or parties as well. In addition, annual members will receive a special edition of Prince’s album Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic, which features 14 tracks remixed from the original album Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.

In fact, the annual membership is a few bucks cheaper than the $7.77 per month basic subscription over a 12-month period, and includes the same features.

The monthly subscription entitles members to at least three unreleased NPG songs each month, plus the corresponding music videos and a one-hour radio show hosted by NPG members, including Prince, with music, commentary and original skits.

They’ll also have access to multimedia features such as “Make Your Own Mix,” where amateur producers can create their own mixes of NPG music.

The whole shebang will launch at the Studio 54 party, where people can register for the NPG Music Club from terminals inside the venue. Guests will include selected fans and celebrities. Of course, his Purple Highness will be there too.

Prince is flying in his own DJ from Paisley Park to debut new NPG music and videos that will be offered by the online club, which is the latest step in the artist’s wholesale embrace of cyberspace.

As he explains in his own unique way, “The new mode of xchange and distribution effectively eliminates the need 4 any intermediates between the Artist and U.”