After completing the first leg in December, Jackson took a short break before kicking off his current trek across Europe and the United Kingdom. He’ll wrap that up February 25 in Dublin before flying back to the States.

The punk-influenced piano player is supporting Night and Day II, a sequel to his biggest-selling album, which was released in October.

Jackson will stop in quite a few more cities this time around, including Philadelphia, Detroit, Montreal, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

He’ll also make a few return stops including stints in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

The eclectic Jackson got his big break on the leading edge of British new wave with his 1979 hit debut, Look Sharp!

He followed with two more rock-oriented albums before his band split up. He then tried his hand at an album of jump-blues and swing music, Jumpin’ Jive, before settling back into a pop groove with Night and Day in 1982.

Last year, Jackson released an album of older songs and covers, Summer In The City, recorded live in New York City.

With Night and Day II, Jackson framed a theme around a 24-hour span in New York City and recruited guests such as Marianne Faithfull to record tracks.