Hank Williams III is carrying on the family tradition with a tour kicking off February 16 in Lexington, Ky., and taking him through at least June.

He’ll be playing clubs in mostly secondary markets nationwide but will also include stops in Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Los Angeles and San Diego.

An outspoken critic of the Nashville music scene, Williams is the grandson of perhaps country music’s biggest legend and the son of a living one, but isn’t content to restrict himself to any cookie-cutter business paradigm.

“I always grew up saying I wouldn’t play country,” the Williams scion told Pollstar last fall. And he was almost right.

“I was making 50 bucks in a punk rock band every four or five days and that’s what made me get into country music,” Williams explained regarding where he was in life when he discovered he’d fathered a daughter.

“The judge told me to get a real job and the way for me to get a real job was, instead of going to McDonald’s, to deal with all the assholes down on Music Row.”

Williams can be volatile, and he is known for bringing an unpredictable mix of punk rock and country into the same show.

The change in style from night to night and sometimes from set to set really makes Williams two artists in one – and a can’t-miss ticket for the fan with a real sense of adventure.