The country star underwent the transplant October 7 at the University of Nebraska Medical Center after being diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis and put on an organ donor waiting list.

Despite positive reports from the hospital about his prognosis and news that he was recuperating well, the rumor mill cranked into high gear with stories saying the singer had died shortly after the surgery.

Well, LeDoux is alive and well and doing quite fine, thank you very much. He was sent home to Wyoming just before Thanksgiving to complete his recovery, and has steadily returned to his normal life on the ranch.

Now he’s ready to get back to the business of touring – on a limited basis.

His comeback outing kicks off June 22 at the Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kan., and visits a number fairs and other events into September.

The former championship rodeo rider is already at work selecting songs for his next album. His 33rd release, Cowboy, had just hit stores when he fell ill in August.