The 27-year-old singer and pinup-boy was pushed from the stage, falling five feet into a security pit during the Stuttgart concert.

He picked himself up and returned to the stage, a spokesman for Williams said. After telling a few jokes, he continued the concert.

The ex-Take That singer’s European tour will continue uninterrupted with a Paris show February 23, the rep added.

The fan charged at Williams from the Schleyerhalle’s backstage area, according to the BBC. He was promptly arrested and taken to a secure psychiatric clinic while prosecutors considered filing assault charges.

A police spokesman told the BBC “a 20-year-old man … got onto the stage while Robbie Williams was singing, ran at him from behind and pushed him in the back. [Williams] did not see him coming, as he was concentrating on the song and the audience, and he fell from the stage into the security area.”

The band’s guitarist tried to grab the attacker, who also fell into the security pit, the spokesman said.

The fan reportedly was not carrying a weapon and is suspected to have psychiatric problems.

“We believe that he thought the Robbie that was on stage was a clone and he wanted to try to prove it,” a spokesman for Williams told the BBC.