Her debut album, Northern Star, was released almost a year ago, but has been successful enough that M has continued to expand her tour from the United Kingdom into Europe and beyond.

Currently, she’s visiting countries in the Middle East and Africa before heading east for gigs in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.

The back-flipping, karate-kicking star launches the 11-city visit to North America April 1 in New Westminister, British Columbia, and heads down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco and Los Angeles before veering east.

She’ll also hit Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York City and Atlanta before winding down in West Palm Beach, Fla., April 18.

Ms. C – whose last name is Chisolm – has metamorphosed from “quiet” Spice to the more confident, aggressive performer of today complete with a gold tooth and upper-arm tattoos.

And she has taken many by surprise as a solo star, with the most successful album of any of her Spice sisters and worldwide demand for her live show.

Mel had a lot of help from some impressive corners, including Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers producer Rick Rubin; Madonna collaborators Marius De Vries and Rick Nowels; William Orbit; and members of Beck’s band.

“The caliber of talent working with me was incredible,” Mel C said of the making of Northern Star. “It’s very odd being in the studio with these kind of people.

“What was even stranger was that they had such respect for me and for what I was trying to do – they gave me enormous confidence in myself,” she said.

So while the media spotlight seemed brightest on some of her current and former Spice mates like Victoria Adams and Geri Halliwell, Mel C has been quietly laying a solid foundation for some attention of her own.

Even with the Spice Girls’ collective star apparently on the wane, Mel C’s still shines.