“Coming right up. I gotta say, we don’t get many orders for that drink in here and… and… Aren’t you the guy that won that Survivor contest last summer?”

“That’s right.”

“What have you been doing since you won the million dollars?”

“I did the talk show circuit, plus a couple of commercial endorsements. But I’ve spent most of the last few months going to concerts.”


“Oh, sure. I saw The Beach Boys last week. They’re one of my favorites.”

“Why does that not surprise me?”

“And I’m going to Japan to see The Chieftains in May.”

“That should be a good show.”

“And a friend keeps telling me about Company Of Snakes, so I thought I’d check them out next month when I’m in Austria.”

“You must love concerts.”

“For sure. The only thing I missed while I was on that island was music.”

“So, what are you going to do with the million dollars?”

“Well, I was thinking of mutual funds.”

“That’s a safe bet.”

“And it offers a good return. But last week I met a concert promoter at a Collective Soul show, and he asked if I’d like to make an investment in his company.”

“That could be interesting.”

“To say the least. Not to mention all the great shows I’d see, like Gary Numan and Slash’s Snakepit.”

“A concert promoter, eh? That’s a tough crowd. Think you can handle it?”

“Handle it? I spent over a month on that island. I survived monsoons, I ate rats and I manipulated every player into doing my bidding just so I could come out on top. And you’re asking me if I’m tough enough to be a concert promoter?”

“Lemme guess, you went for the mutual funds.”

“Hey, a man’s gotta recognize his limitations.”