The erstwhile Limp Bizkit guitarist and his brother, Scott (also a guitarist), formed Big Dumb Face out of the remains of a pre-Bizkit hometown band they called Goatslayer.

The Borland brothers are joined by singer / guitarist Kyle Weeks, known to fans as The Three Headed Dementrian Pup; drummer Greg Isabel, dubbed Joe Couch; and bassist Chris Gibbs, aka Moivet O’sphelvey.

According to fans in the know, Big Dumb Face will utilize only the most ridiculous costumes and the bandmates will all sing in unison “like weird demons.”

The demons -err, band- has recorded an album – Duke Lion Fights the Terror – scheduled for release March 6. Wes Borland said the album’s namesake hero is “this idiot barbarian guy” who has to fight a number of horrible creatures, including monsters that live in hell and eat demons (of course!). “It’s funny stuff,” according to Wes. “It’s all retarded and it’s just for fun.”

A week after the album arrives, Big Dumb Face takes its show on the road for a maiden tour. Launching March 15 in Seattle, the traveling freak show will head south and east, with club stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Washington, and Philadelphia.

The side project should keep Wes Borland occupied while Limp Bizkit takes a well-deserved touring break before launching a European outing after two Mexico City shows in May.