The Tour of Brotherly Love starts May 11 in Las Vegas and is firmed up for 16 dates so far. The unlikely traveling companions will play amphitheatres and some large theatres.

Given the history of both groups, the caravan’s moniker belies the potential for plenty of drama along on the way.

Both brother-fronted bands have made headlines in recent months for offstage antics – Oasis’ Liam and Noel Gallagher for various dustups and marital woes, and the Crowes’ Chris Robinson for his New Year’s wedding to suddenly hot actress Kate Hudson.

The Gallagher brothers are well-known for what can only charitably be called a sibling rivalry. To a lesser extent, Chris and brother Rich Robinson have had their rows in the past but seem to have settled on something of a truce.

Another similarity is that both bands have begun to see waning fortunes in terms of record sales, though the Crowes did well at the box office last year when teamed with former Led Zeppelin guitar god Jimmy Page.

No doubt, the pairing of the brother acts will attract plenty of attention and perhaps reverse that trend.

Oasis has already reached superstar status seemingly everywhere but the U.S. Cracking the American market hasn’t been made any easier by the Gallagher brothers themselves; previous Stateside excursions were scrapped because of fraternal feuding, usually resulting in the abrupt departure of one brother or the other.

With a North American audience at stake, perhaps the Robinsons’ example will help the Gallaghers find a way to coexist – at least long enough to complete the tour.