The club and small theatre outing will roll out April 26 in Montreal and keep the U.K. native on the left side of the Pond through at least late May.

Other cities on the Boy’s itinerary to date include Detroit, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

BDB raised critical eyebrows last fall on his maiden North American journey with shows that clocked in at up to three hours. The quirky marathons were usually stretched out with gratuitous ad-libbing and between-song banter, with a liberal sprinkling of covers from artists like Journey and Bruce Springsteen added to set lists.

That’s not to say that Badly Drawn Boy has a weak repertoire of his own.

He picked up the coveted Mercury Music Prize for his album last year, beating out fellow nominees Richard Ashcroft, Coldplay, Death In Vegas, The Delgados, The Doves, Helicopter Girl, Leftfield, Kathryn Williams, MJ Cole, Nicholas Maw, and Nitin Sawnhey.

The Mercury Prize is considered one of the most prestigious music awards, with a commitment to honoring musical talent rather than album sales.

Sometimes referred to as the next Beck or lumped into the lo-fi category, Gough has earned acclaim from fans and critics for his finely crafted pop songs.