After all, both sites have dates for Paul Young and Jerry Cantrell. Of course, there may be some slight differences in the routings.

For example, we’re listing U2 playing in Anaheim on April 23, 24 and 26, while they’re listing the band appearing at two birthday parties and a bar mitzvah. I guess we’ll have to double-check those dates with the promoters. You know, just in case.

Of course, our online stores are pretty much the same. We’re both selling T-shirts for KISS and ‘N Sync. No big difference there, unless you consider the fact that we actually ship what we sell to the customers. Lord knows what they do with their customers’ money, but last month their Webmaster was spotted on the beach in Hawaii drinking Mai Tais and laughing about “one being born every minute.”

And we both print news about upcoming tours. During the past week we covered and , while they reported on AC/DC cover bands playing in Pittsburgh and the opening of a new polka bar in Milwaukee.

Yes, at first glance there doesn’t seem to be much difference between and that other site. At least, not until you examine how the data entry people are paid.

At, the data jockeys’ pay is based on an hourly rate, multiplied by each date entered, plus a bonus for each new tour, like World Party or Badly Drawn Boy.

While at the other site, we pay the operators 10 bucks for each mistake they make while entering info for acts like Luciano, Fastball and Unified Theory.

That’s right. We own both sites. We use to list the latest tour dates, and we own the other site to make us look good.

So far it’s been working out quite nicely.