There won’t be any slumber parties or keggers on this trip; the duo from Atlanta rolls out a full-blown club tour April 17 at the Showbox in Seattle.

Their 1998 debut, We’ve Never Heard of You Either, caught the ears of Columbia Records which issued their second album, evan and jaron, in September. The disc has picked up steam and spawned a Top 20 hit with the single “Crazy For This Girl” which got a boost from placement on the teen TV hit “Dawson’s Creek.”

The brothers’ star is definitely on the rise – and they hope to add to their growing fan base by hitting more than 30 U.S. cities through mid-June.

Among the stops are Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston and San Francisco.

After knocking around the Atlanta coffeehouse scene for several years, the brothers have steadily grown a healthy fan base, rising on the music industry food chain accordingly.