We are not going on strike.

Don’t think we never considered it. After all, Pollstar.com working conditions haven’t been quite up to snuff lately. For example, in order to handle the increased incoming data traffic due to Eric Clapton and Dan Fogelberg announcing their tours, we had to hire 391 extra processors. Needless to say, that made the company pool a bit too crowded for most tastes. But did management do the right thing and add a second pool? Heck, no!

Nor did they listen to our demands for improvements in the Pollstar.com dining room. Everyone knows that you need proper nutrition to collect and list the dates for bands like Sky and Guns N Roses, yet management refused to provide a choice of two entrees per meal. As if eating filet mignon five times a week while processing the latest itineraries for and Mel C is a healthy diet. Do you have to put up with this at your job?

Plus, when you consider the cutback in 12-year-old Scotch for the employee cocktail lounge, or the lack of properly trained Canadian masseuses in the break room, you probably wouldn’t blame us if we did strike.

But we have a job to do. It’s a well known fact publishing tour dates on the Internet is probably the last vestige of sanity in an insane world. We hesitate to think what Sadam might do if he couldn’t read the schedule for Backstreet Boys every morning. Or President Bush and Dame Edna. Not a pretty picture, is it?

But don’t worry. We’ll keep plugging away, entering new info for acts like American Pearl and The Disco Biscuits. We’ll put up with the four-hour workdays and the generic caviar in the candy machine. Yes, we’ll buckle down and make sure this is the best damn tour date site on the Web. Why?

Because keeping you happy is what it’s all about.