He’s confirmed 23 dates thus far, rolling out April 9 in Minneapolis and playing clubs in secondary markets and some major cities, including Toronto, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Houston and Denver. Additional stops are expected to be added soon.

The outing marks the first time the singer/songwriter has undertaken a full-blown headline tour since 1998, when he was out in support of his last album, Humming.

Sheik released his third disc, Phantom Moon, February 27.

The South Carolina native hit it big with his self-titled 1996 debut and the hit single it spawned, “Barely Breathing.”

Sheik’s career has been a slow build. “Barely Breathing” crawled up the charts until it reached No. 1 at adult alternative radio and No. 20 in pop formats. At the time, he told Pollstar the slow build was part of the plan.

“It’s actually very important because you get much less burn-out factor from your audiences. People, I think, are more real fans as opposed to just jumping on a bandwagon.”

Even though its been almost three years since Sheik mounted a full outing, he recognizes the importance of touring.

“You need to do that,” he said. “That’s what makes people understand that you’re a real artist as opposed to a record company creation.”