Need proof? Singer Mark McGrath is doing his share of mugging on TV – including the VH1’s paean to good taste, “100 Most Shocking Moments.”

But even more convincing are the band’s plans for a new self-titled album and lengthy summer tour.

Sugar Ray is hooking up with Uncle Kracker and newcomers The Start for a jaunt that kicks off July 10 in Dallas. So far, dates are firmed up in 28 cities through at least mid-August.

The caravan will trek cross-country through mainly theatres in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, and other cities.

Uncle Kracker is coming into his own, after toiling behind the turntables as a member of Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker band.

The DJ is making his own substantial mark in the trailer park with his platinum debut album, Double Wide.

The Start combines new wave and heavy-pop elements with the help of ex-Snot drummer (now bassist/keyboardist) Jamie Miller and ex-Human Waste Project singer Aimee Echo, and are out to make the most of their single, “Gorgeous.”