The acclaimed producer launched a month-long caravan June 1 in Detroit with Killarmy, Wu-Tang Killa Bees, Shahiem, and Black Nights to promote the album, Digital Bullet.

Digital Bullet includes several guest turns by Wu-Tang associates, including contributions by Method Man, Old Dirty Bastard, GZA & the Goodie Mob, and others. The album is due to hit stores August 14.

The Bobby Digital character is an invention of RZA’s, in conjunction with a film of the same name that the hip-hop star produced, wrote, directed and starred in last year, according to the Internet Movie Database.

According to a publicist’s synopsis, “While RZA is conducting experiments in a laboratory on Wu Mountain, he stumbles upon a formula for self-transformation. Dipping a blunt into this elixer of ‘honey’ he inhales and begins to hallucinate.

“When he finally comes to, he is confronted by the consequence of his experiments – he has created an actual person completely independent of RZA: Bobby Digital.”

It’s not known if sometime Wu-Tang member and album contributor ODB stumbled across this formula as well.