It’s Rammstein’s first chance to burn up American highways since a 1999 outing with Soulfly and their memorable stint on the first Family Values tour.

The band made quite an impact with their three-page pyrotechnic and safety rider issued during that 1998 outing. A Rammstein rep told Pollstar that the six-man outfit may be playing smaller venues this time around but the special effects (and fire) will be full-scale. We’re talking fire – not mere fireworks. Frontman Till Lindemann is often seen performing while engulfed head-to-toe in flames.

The theatrics aren’t showbiz schtick – Rammstein are uncompromising in their efforts to push the boundries of the concert experience. Legend has it that Lindemann felt like a dope just standing there during the instrumental passages – until the day he tried it with a Roman candle in each hand.

Rammstein’s tour dates include a July 10 stop at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, just 11 days before the Ozzfest caravan and fellow Columbine scapegoat Marilyn Manson arrive in town. To date, though, the anti-Manson faction hasn’t had anything to say about the concert.

Manson absorbed the brunt of culture-warrior blame for the shootings, but the music of Rammstein and KMFDM were cited as favorites of the two teenaged boys that killed themselves and 13 classmates in 1999.

The band is out in support of their latest release, Mutter, their first studio album since 1997’s Sehnsucht.