First off, we received new tours for the following artists: Whoopi Goldberg, Pulp and Frank Black & The Catholics. We also received updates and/or changes for Tracy Byrd and Natalie Cole as well as Slash’s Snakepit, Omar & The Howlers and Mark Eitzel plus other acts to numerous to mention in this space.

Now to the important stuff.

Judging from the email and faxes we’ve received within the past 48 hours, there seems to be a bit of confusion over the listings of two acts on, The Irish Tenors and the Three Irish Tenors. By pointing out the differences between the two tours we hope to clear up any problems the similarity in listings may have caused.

The first thing to note is that The Irish Tenors tour, playing tonight in Cupertino, California, is entirely different than the Three Irish Tenors tour which starts October 18th in Scotland, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Northern Ireland which is very close to Ireland. This alone has caused major disruptions on the tour date assembly lines, resulting in the hospitalization of five data entry personnel, three support act installers and two Marilyn Manson tour date integrity inspectors.

Furthermore, The Irish Tenors consist of three tenors who are Irish and sing songs from the Emerald Isle, while the Three Irish Tenors are made up of three Irish lads who perform songs hailing from Ireland. Neither act should be confused with the , whose repertoire consists mostly of non-Irish songs, or for that matter, 311, 3 Doors Down or Three Dog Night. However, it is rumored that one of the acts, either The Irish Tenors or Three Irish Tenors, does a killer version of “Joy To the World.”

We hope we have cleared up any confusion, discombobulation or angst caused by the perceived similarities of the two acts. If, after reading this notice, there is still concern as to which act has three tenors, or for that matter, which singers are Irish, our trained counselors are standing by, ready to take your call.