Benjamin Keith Stallter, 20, died of an apparent drug overdose at the festival, which featured a lineup of mainly jam bands and bluegrass acts, including ekoostik hookah, Leftover Salmon, Donna The Buffalo, and Keller Williams.

Other concert-goers, apparently unaware the man was dead or dying, moved Stallter near a van and marked his body with “illegible” slogans and symbols in a prank known as “tagging” – usually done to people who pass out from overconsumption of drugs or alcohol.

Roots music festivals of this sort tend to be pretty laid-back and don’t exactly attract a heavy drug-using scene. Stallter’s mother also told the Charleston Gazette that her son had been previously addicted to heroin, but believed he had kicked it. Neither of those circumstances seemed to mollify local police or residents.

The marking up of the man’s arms and legs was a source of consternation to local law enforcement, which termed the inking “mysterious.” Reports of the marks also upset neighbors, who apparently ascribed far more sinister connotations than simple pranking.

The festival, produced and promoted by 22-year-old Curtis Manley and his company, Hilltop Family Productions, was held on private property and supplied security and medical treatment to approximately 3,000 fans, according to Ponderosa Lodge owner Cleo Hixon.

Two other festival-goers were treated for possible drug overdoses.

Local law enforcement officials were apparently not notified about the concert in advance, since the promoters supplied their own security, but were called out when the body was discovered.

Hilltop Family Productions is already promoting a festival featuring Bela Fleck & The Flecktones at the site September 7 – 9, but Fayette County Sheriff Bill Laird says Hilltop or the property owners must pay the bill for the cost of police manpower and overtime incurred by the event.

Laird told the Gazette that neighbors don’t want it back at all. He cited a litany of complaints including noise, traffic, trespassing, and rowdy festival-goers.