Contest rules required entrants to electronically submit three photos accompanied with an explanation of which reporter they’d like to have sex with and what they’d do.

While the contest generated a good deal of criticism, publisher Bernd Heusinger pointed out that staff participation was strictly on a volunteer basis. Besides, prostitution is legal in Germany.

The magazine’s Web site launched in January. Since its Madonna campaign, Heusinger said it has received 500,000 daily hits, a 10-fold increase in its normal viewing.

Heusinger reported that the response has extended beyond just Germany. They’ve received applications from such countries as Canada, Mexico, the United States, Belgium, Italy and Singapore.

The contest ended June 18 with the lucky winner announced. Simply known as “Aaron,” he will spend the night with Web site columnist Shelly Masters and then it’s off to the concert with Heusinger.

Tickets for Madonna’s Berlin shows sold out within minutes, going for a German record price of $110 each.