Cassidy first taste of fame came in 1970 when he was cast as a lead in “The Partridge Family” TV show. He had a number of international hits with his TV family and on his own, and received several Grammy nods.

Through the mid-70s, Cassidy remained popular in terms of sales and recognition. His official fan club membership (at the time) ultimately surpassed Elvis Presley’s and the Beatles’.

Even after “The Partridge Family” ended in 1974, Cassidy continued to act on television and on stage. His theatrical career become his regular gig and he starred in major productions of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” and “Blood Brothers,” among others.

In 1996, Cassidy was hired to re-vamp the MGM Grand’s “EFX” show, which become a big success on The Strip.

Moving beyond Sin City, Cassidy is ready to return to pop concerts. His tour begins July 17 in Minnesota and finishes up in Lake Tahoe in early December.

He’s playing casinos, theatres and fairs this time around, but in his heyday, Cassidy packed major arenas including Madison Square Garden in NYC, the Houston Astrodome, the Philadelphia Spectrum and the Dallas Memorial Coliseum.