To celebrate its eighth year of presenting festivals, organizers at Coolworld have returned Cyberfest to its birthplace – well, the general vicinity at least. Remaining true to rave bylaws, Cyberfest has yet to publically release the exact venues for the shows. The San Francisco show marks the first time since its conception that Cyberfest has played in the Bay Area.

This year’s line up includes The Crystal Method, Kevens, Madison Avenue, DJ Skribble (of MTV fame), Mix Master Mike, Uberzone, and Galaxy Girl, DJ Dan, and Diesel Boy to name a handful of the 100-plus artists scheduled to perform.

The Houston event will feature The Crystal Method and several other headliners from the San Fransisco show plus a huge artist roster TBA.

Aside from the musical acts, Cyberfest 2001 boasts theme dance tents, laser shows, extreme sports exhibitions, big carnival rides, vendors galore and global awareness booths.