Now, comedian Craig Gass is taking his stand-up act across the country.

The funny man “guarantees” ticketholders a night of fun. What’s the guarantee? “If the audience doesn’t think it’s one of the most fun shows they’ve ever been to, I’ll let them punch me in the nuts,” said Gass. “I don’t think Seinfeld has done that guarantee recently.”

He’s honed his classy repartee sharing the stage with fellow comedians including Pauly Shore, Tommy Chong, and Mitch Hedberg, but Gass doesn’t limit his audience to comedy clubgoers. He’s also opened for rock bands such as 311, The Goo Goo Dolls, Public Enemy, and Creed, and even got a slot at Ozzfest 1999.

Aside from his radio gig and concert appearances, Gass also lends his energy as a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment.

Along with his tour, which runs through July 11, Gass appears at The Boston Comedy Club in NYC most weekends.