The band formed at the tail-end of the first wave of punk in 1980. Black Flag and Redd Kross members Keith Morris and Greg Hetson left their respective bands to form their own hardcore punk group. Their LP, Group Sex, was released the same year and earned the band a slot in the American punk revolution.

Between 1990 and1995, Circle Jerks toured vigorously, released seven full-length albums, and changed band members about as often as they changed their socks.

They broke up in 1992 after the release of their live album, GIG. Greg Hetson went on to work with his other band, Bad Religion, while other Jerks dabbled in other aspects of the music business or dropped out altogether.

1994 found the guys realizing that they missed being together and they subsequently re-formed. They released Oddities, Abnormalities, and Curiosities one year later and set up for a tour. However, just four weeks into the trek, they split up once again.

This May, Circle Jerks reunited yet again for a gig in Los Angeles. Out of that came plans for their 15-date tour, which begins August 1 in San Diego and wraps in Atlanta August 19.