We were really worried that you weren’t going to make it. After all, most people make plans for the Fourth of July, and rarely do those plans include Pollstar.com. So, thanks for stopping by. Here are some new dates for Mike Clark’s Prescription Renewal. Just our way of saying “thanks for the support.”

Yeah, a lot of people aren’t interested in looking up tour dates on July 4. Most people are having barbecues or pool parties, and they wouldn’t be caught dead spending the biggest holiday of the summer sitting in front of a computer looking at dates for Wailing Souls or Voodoo Glow Skulls. But you’re not like most people. You chose to spend your holiday with Pollstar.com. We think that’s neat. Just to show our appreciation, here’s some dates for Ben Folds.

To tell you the truth, we almost shut down our servers for the holiday. We figured that everyone would be at picnics or special holiday concerts like that Fourth Of July Street Festival in Baltimore with Mary Prankster, or CPR Featuring David Crosby in Itasca, Illinois. However, we thought someone just might want to look at the dates for Scorpions or All Mighty Senators. Imagine our surprise when that someone turned out to be you.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for spending your July 4th looking up tour dates for artists like Stevie Nicks or Circle Jerks on Pollstar.com. We really thought you’d be off to the lake for some serious water skiing or maybe camping up in the mountains. We never expected you to check in on us during the Fourth of July holiday. And even though we don’t know each other all that well, we would like to ask one question that has kind of been on our minds for the past few minutes. Of course, if it’s not too personal. You see, we were just wondering…

Don’t you have a life?