Allen, famous foremost for his comedic films, is also a celebrated jazz musician. New Yorkers have the opportunity to catch him Monday evenings at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, playing along side Eddy Davis and Band. Allen has been a jazz regular every Monday night in New York for over 30 years – first at Michael’s Pub (until it closed) and then at the Carlyle Hotel.

While the rest of the world has been privileged to Allen’s jazz performances ( He embarked on a 1996 European tour, which was ultimately made into an award-winning documentary film, “Wild Man Blues”) West Coasters have yet to hear a live note.

The concert evening will first feature a screening of Allen’s new film, specially introduced by Allen himself. For the Seattle and Los Angeles film screenings, August 1 and August 6, respectively, the concert will take place the night following the movie. The Oakland show, August 3, will have both the film and concert on the same night.

Proceeds from the shows will benefit local jazz and music charities such as The Pacific Jazz Institute, Music in Schools Today, and The Jazz Bakery.