Teens love to be entertained and to shop, and it doesn’t take a marketing genius to put the two together.

Stopping at shopping malls across the country, the 10-city tour gives the most sought-after money-spenders a chance to indulge in both pastimes by checking out new fashions while listening to the new R&B/pop group LMNT (pronounced “element”).

While primarily a vehicle for retail stores, mom and dad will be glad to know that Rock ‘N Shop also provides teens with some intellectual stimulation. Through the Microsoft Encarta Challenge 2001, attendees can try to outsmart their peers by answering tough history, science, and arts questions, correctly of course.

Group LMNT comprises “Making the Band” finalists Bryan Chan, Ikaika Kahoano and Mike Miller, along with Matt Morrison, who performed in “Footloose” on Broadway.

Rock ‘N Shop hit the road startingSAugust 2 in Los Angeles at the Northridge Fashion Center.