The band announced on MTV’s “TRL” show that a number of concerts have been canceled or postponed while group member A.J. McLean, 23, gets treatment for alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety.

The Backstreet Boys camp later stated that he “will immediately undergo a 30-day treatment for his clinical depression which has recently led to anxiety attacks and the excessive consumption of alcohol. A key factor causing this depression is the recent death of McLean’s grandmother, with whom he was very close.”

In a joint statement, Backstreet boys Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson said, “It’s been suggested that we not be so forthcoming about this situation, as many artists in the industry have in the past, but we feel compelled as a group to be honest with our fans and not let them down. AJ is our friend and our brother and we whole-heartedly support him during this difficult time. Fortunately, AJ has realized he can’t solve his problems by himself.

“Because he is unable to be on tour at this time, we are postponing dates and will make them up as soon as we can,” the group added. “At the same time we trust that our fans–who’ve always stood by us–will understand this decision is absolutely necessary in order for AJ to be well. We look forward to seeing all of you on the road soon.”

As of right now, all dates up to the August 7 show in Vancouver, B.C., are off and new dates can be found here.

The schedule changes were first announced today (July 9) in Boston, but under very different circumstances. According to a FleetCenter spokesman, the Boys had to postpone their remaining sold-out concerts at the FleetCenter this week after group member Nick Carter broke his hand.

The concerts had been scheduled for Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday (July 10-12) evenings.

Carter, 21, injured his right hand July 8, according to a tour publicist.

The five-member group already had played sold-out shows at the FleetCenter July 6 and 7.