Someone in a car opened fire on a private charter bus that was leaving a Killah Priest show at about 2:40 a.m. The bus, carrying as many as 20 passengers, was sprayed with gunfire at the intersection of Little Santa Monica Boulevard and Century Park East – not exactly the ‘hood.

Police had no suspects at press time and said the shooter(s) did not appear to have targeted any particular person.

However, the victims were reportedly involved in a fight at the club, according to police. But it was not clear whether the people who fought the victims were involved in the shooting.

“There were many, many people on the bus,” detective Ron Phillips said. “It was just a random drive-by shooting; I don’t think they had anybody in particular [in mind].”

Paramedics pronounced Tony Lorenzo Galloway, 26, dead while he was still on the bus.

A 20-year-old woman was shot in the abdomen and was in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center at press time. A 30-year-old man shot in the lung was in fair condition and a 36-year-old man shot in the chest was treated and released.

After the shooting, people on the bus drove around looking for an emergency room, ending up at UCLA Medical Center instead of Century City Hospital, which was closer to the site of the tragedy, medical center spokesperson Elaine Schmidt said.

“They didn’t call 911, which would have been a wise thing to do because they wasted some time and their companion was dying,” she said.

When they arrived at the hospital, they couldn’t find the entrance to the emergency room but found someone to assist them at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Schmidt said.

Century Club co-owner Daniel Fitzgerald told the Los Angeles Times he suspected that a gang may have been involved in the attack.

Bus passengers and relatives who showed up at the hospital were not willing to cooperate with police, Los Angeles Police Capt. Richard Webb told the paper. Most were not speaking to the media, either.

However, Webb said he could not be sure the shooting was gang related.

“We don’t really know what happened yet,” he reportedly said shortly after the tragedy. “We don’t know who the shooters are and we’re not sure of the affiliation of the victims.”

Following the incident, Fitzgerald mistakenly said several members of Wu-Tang Clan had performed for nearly 1,000 patrons. A Wu-Tang rep quickly corrected that.

“The group was never booked and never performed,” Loud Records Media Relations VP Tresa Sanders said in a statement. “In fact, no member of the group was in Los Angeles at the time.”

The show had apparently been promoted as Killah Priest-Wu-Tang.

Promoter Jamie Koz said he believed Killah Priest was an original member of Wu-Tang. But Sanders said the rapper was never a member of the group, although he had done some production work.

Nevertheless, Fitzgerald told the Times, “We will not be holding any more rap events here,” adding, “These groups are very hardcore. They draw clientele we don’t want.”

Century Club normally features reggae on Sunday nights and Fitzgerald said booking the rap show was “a mistake.”