A bona fide star on the big and small screens, Foxx takes time away from his filming schedule for a comedy tour beginning August 3 and running until October 19. He’ll take his standup routine to theatres in major and secondary markets.

He’s received a lot of quality face time in movies like “Any Given Sunday” and on the WB’s “Jamie Foxx Show,” but it was his street comedy that helped pave the way for big things.

In 1989, a girlfriend challenged Foxx to take the stage at Los Angeles comedy club for the first time. He said he adopted his androgynous stage name when he found out that women had an easier time getting stage time during open mic nights.

Foxx’s breakthrough into mainstream comedy came when he was chosen from an open casting call to be on “In Living Color.” He remained on the show for three years before venturing on to other sitcoms and ultimately starring in movies.