In addition to a good show, Ween is also offering ticketing services to fans. Online ticket buyers can forgo big fees and extra charges by purchasing ducats though the band’s official Web site, For a flat $3 service charge, fans can purchase tickets for most shows without worrying about extra hidden fees.

The grassroots approach makes perfect sense for a group that has developed a large and loyal following through touring.

This summer finds them at an assortment of venues, including an Alaskan resort and a fundraiser camp-out for a volunteer fire company. They’ll also play more traditional stages and make two-night stops at larger clubs, including the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver and The Fillmore in San Francisco.

Consistently selling out wherever they play, Gene, Dean and the rest of Ween can choose to wander from the regular concert circuit knowing that they’ll always have a crowd.

The band has dabbled in almost every musical genre since its inception in 1994 without ever losing the pop hooks or satirical edge. Ween will always be compared to Frank Zappa, both because of the band’s solid musical chops and because of their enduring preoccupation with sex and excrement.