Vanilla Fudge are probably best known for their hits “You Keep Me Hanging On” and “Season of the Witch.” Formed in the mid-‘60s in New York, the band played extensively until disbanding in 1970.

While the band has not played together since their breakup (notwithstanding a couple of reunion outings in the ‘80s), singer Vince Martell, bassist Tim Bogert and legendary drummer Carmine Appice have been anything but silent.

After Vanilla Fudge split up, Appice and Bogert formed Cactus, an influential band that had an impact on a new generation of musicians including Eddie and Alex Van Halen.

Cactus evolved into an international super-group known as [Jeff] Beck, Bogert and Appice.

In 1976, Appice hooked up with Rod Stewart‘s band and went on to co-write some of Stewart’s biggest hits, including “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” and “Young Turks.”

Bogert has worked with Jeff Beck, Bo Diddley, Rick Derringer, and Steve Perry on various projects, and taught at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles.

In addition to releasing a solo album, vocalist Vince Martell has branched out of the music circle to dabble in other media, such as television producing.