The Los Angeles-based band’s breakthrough hit, “Hanging By a Moment,” dominated modern rock radio for weeks. Later, their song “Everything” was featured on the TV show “Roswell.” Both singles are from Lifehouse’s debut album, No Name Face, which was released last Halloween.

Although guitarist Stuart Mathis, signer Jason Wade, bassist Sergio Andrade and drummer Rick Woolstenheuln are enjoying the popularity of two hit songs and sometimes get branded an “overnight sensation,” the band has paid some big dues.

They spent three years building a fan base in Southern California thanks to their dogged dedication to playing gigs. Performing at local colleges, clubs, and as regulars at a local school auditorium (where some 450 kids gathered weekly to catch bands), the Lifehouse-mates are no strangers to hard work.

Experiencing a trial-and-error period of finding their niche, bassist Andrade said they “went through a lot of phases trying to find our sounds. We learned from our mistakes. We’d see tapes of ourselves on stage and go, ‘This is horrible.’ But we’d just say, ‘OK, we gotta fix it,’ and go back and practice some more.”

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