We know what it’s like. Last June you said this was the summer you were going to get in shape. You said you were going to work off those extra pounds and tighten those abs. But you spent all summer seeing shows like Toto and Trisha Yearwood, where you pigged out on hot dogs, tacos and pizza. And now you’re paying the price.

However, you don’t have to sit there feeling like some old beanbag chair from the 70s. Here at Pollstar.com, we’ve developed a few simple exercises that will melt those pounds away while you’re surfing the new dates for acts like Modest Mouse or Twila Paris. Are you ready? Here we go.

First of all, you’re going to need your power drink. We recommend something with a lot of chocolate and/or caffeine. A chocolate shake is good. Mix it with coffee or Jolt Cola and you’re almost set to go. Almost, that is, because you’ll need some munchies for extra energy. Our suggestion is to deep fry some bacon strips. Finished? Let’s get busy!

Take a slug of your power drink and click on the link for Groove Armada. Feel that? You just burned 150 calories. Amazing, isn’t it? But don’t stop now. Click on H2O and Donna The Buffalo. Are you working up a sweat? Good! Let’s move on to “phase two.”

This is where your bacon strips come in handy. After you’ve munched a couple, click on the dates for either Dr. John or Aimee Mann. Now return to our home page, stand up, look straight ahead and say, “How much does it cost? How much you got?” There! That’s 2,500 calories out the window! But don’t thank us. We borrowed that one from the recording industry. We hear their execs do that exercise right before they negotiate online music licenses.

Of course, the hardest thing about any exercise program is commitment. You have to work out every day. But don’t worry, we’ll be here for you. We’ll get through this thing together. We’ll click our way to health and fitness via the links for Lifehouse and The Waterboys. Be here tomorrow, bright and early, okay?

Now, whose turn is it to get the donuts?