Fans anxious to get the best seats can check out the troubadour’s official Web site,, where priority tickets for almost every show go on sale August 29.

Recent tours have found Dylan on the road with Phil Lesh and Paul Simon. But in the past four years, he’s performed about 450 concerts around the world, and most of them have been pure Bob.

This time around, he has a new album to support. Love & Theft comes out September 11. The disc was recorded with his touring band and special guests including legendary Texas keyboard player Augie Myers.

“All the songs are variations on the 12-bar theme and blues-based melodies, Dylan told USA Today. “The songs themselves don’t have any genetic history. Is it like Time Out Of Mind, or Oh Mercy, or Blood On The Tracks, or whatever? Probably not. I think of it more as a greatest hits album, Volume 1 or Volume 2. Without the hits; not yet, anyway”

To be fair, 1997’s Time Out Of Mind was a hit. The album went platinum and earned him three Grammys, including the album of the year award.