American Hi-Fi is new but the members have been around for a while. Founded by Stacy Jones, former drummer for Letters To Cleo, Veruca Salt, and Aimee Mann, the group includes Drew Parsons (used to play bass for Tracy Bonham), Brian Nolan (formerly of Figdish), and Jamie Arentzen (of Boston’s Sky Heroes).

In addition to the 17 headlining shows, the group plays the 106.5 Weenie Roast September 15 in Charlotte, N.C., and the 99x Bigger Day Out in Atlanta on September 22.

Los Angeles-based Phantom Planet joins American Hi-Fi on all non-festival dates. The band’s debut album, Phantom Planet Is Missing, was released more than three years ago, with the members tending to some side projects since then.

Most notably, founder Jason Schwartzman starred opposite Bill Murray in the movie “Rushmore.” In total, the bandmates have landed roles in four movies, five television ads (including a Gap commercial) and modeled on the Fendi catwalk in Milan, Italy.

Now focused on the music, Phantom Planet are regulars on the LA club scene, where they’ve had some practice opening for Weezer, Morrissey, and Sloan.