And we just wanted you to know that will be here for you. Regardless of which tour you want to look up, whether it’s Iggy Pop, Brian Wilson or Shaggy, we will be at your service on this last holiday weekend of the summer.

We used to take weekends like this off. We’d close down the servers, send the Webmaster home and unleash the attack dogs in the compound. And woe to anyone who needed the latest schedule for Quiet Riot or Heroine Sheiks, for they were stuck going to one of those other Websites. You know the ones we’re talking about. Those sites that employ six-year-olds from Saskatchewan, keep them stashed in some attic in Charlottesville, Virginia, and pay them five cents an hour to crank out the code needed to display the listings for Lyle Lovett and Widespread Panic. Yeah, we know. There oughta be a law.

But we’re going to be operating 24/7 during this 72/3 weekend. We’re passing on the mountains, saying no to the beach and skipping the traditional music industry sponsored drunken holiday orgies so that you may see the latest routings for Nickelback and Midnight Oil.

However, if things run a little slow at times, if it takes an extra nanosecond to pull up the listings for Tom Paxton, NOFX and Jaguares, please understand that we are functioning with a skeleton staff during this holiday weekend. Even though our tour date processors are working diligently as they enter dates for Fathead and Britney Spears, our tech department has a three-day furlough in Honolulu. Why? Union rules, you understand.

But who needs tech support at a time like this? Our servers are tuned, lubed and queued for your holiday pleasure. They’ll run on autopilot all weekend long, dishing out dates for Keely Smith and A.F.I. even though our technicians are drinking mai tais and playing nude volleyball at Waikiki.

So let the festivities begin! Toss a shrimp on the barbie, build those sandcastles and slice more limes for the Coronas. And when you’re itching for the latest dates for Eros Ramazzotti or Fireballs of Freedom, we’ll be here for you, noses to the grindstone, our pedals to the metal, serving up the finest tour dates you’ll find anywhere during this last blast of summer. Are you ready? Let’s get busy!

But first we need to figure out how to turn on our monitors. Tech support turned them off right before they caught their plane to the Big Island, and we’re going crazy trying to figure out which button to push.