That’s right. We’re talking Love with a capital “L” The ultimate Love. The Love of one’s life.

Sure you do. But how does one find Love? What does one do with Love? How does one keep Love?

That’s where we come in. Presenting our new service; [email protected].

For a small monthly subscription fee, not only will we serve up dates for bands like Fear Factory and Queensryche, and great artists like James Brown and Barry Manilow, but we’ll also slide a little Love your way.

Think of it! Love in the morning while you browse the listing for Tori Amos. Love in the afternoon with U2. And if you’re feeling extra frisky, Love in the evening with both the East and West companies of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Think you can handle it?

For those of you who’ve known Love, we don’t have to tell you what it’s like. And the rest of you? Well, we’ll just say that you’re about to explore that final frontier. The land where Love is in charge. Love is calling the shots. And you dare not, you cannot resist the ways of Love, for Love dominates all.

What are you waiting for? The latest tour dates for Butthole Surfers, Britney Spears and Jay-Z, plus Love, Love and more Love. Call now. Believe you me, you don’t want to wait another minute. Not when we’re talking about Love.

Besides, not only does Love rule, but if you keep Courtney waiting, you’re going to find out that Love hurts.