In fact, the pressure to nail the dates for bands like Flickerstick or Eek-A-Mouse was so vehement at times that the only way we could decompress from a hard day’s work was to seek solace in a tall glass of pure grain alcohol. To us, Everclear wasn’t just a band name. It was our way of life.

But we’ve moved beyond those high-octane 4 p.m. shooters, those drunken brawls with the computer techs and those endless rounds of demolition derby in the parking lot. We’ve found a more practical, a more cerebral way to cope with the tension brought about by researching dates for Bobby “Blue” Bland and The Breeders.

We have discovered the ancient art of Nog Gin Fu.

For it is through the study of this timeless martial arts discipline that combines esoteric thought with the physical act of bringing one’s skull in contact with a solid object that we have risen to a higher metaphysical plane. Yes, Nog Gin Fu is more than just banging one’s forehead on a desktop or wall while processing tour data for Blues Traveler or Barachois. With Nog Gin Fu we can keep our eyes on the prize as we deal with the men and women of the concert industry.

For example; over in cubicle #419, employee #234 is working the phone for the latest dates for . Notice how she manages to consistently hit herself in the same spot between the eyes with her Woodstock 1999 snow globe without missing a single show date. Meanwhile, over in cubicle #618, employee #2102 is lying on his back while knocking his head against the floor in an attempt to keep track of the support acts for U2. Garbage? Whomp! No Doubt? Whomp! Whomp!! Stereophonics? Whomp! Whomp!! Whomp!!! And to think Nog Gin Fu made it all possible. Amazing!

Yes, everything at, including all the cities for Dick Dale, the venues for the Edgar Winter Band and the dates for Dan Bern and Hank 3 & Assjack can be traced back to our knowledge and expertise of Nog Gin Fu. In fact, everything you see on this Website resulted from us hitting our heads against the walls, floors and desks of the concert industry. We bang our heads, you get the dates you need for Hey Mercedes or Al Simmons, and everyone is happy.

Well, almost everyone. Now, if we could only find an easier way of swallowing that 50 pound aspirin tablet at the end of the day. Then we’d really be happy.