U.S. rockers 40 Below Summer and Swedish band In Flames open on all the American dates.

Supporting their sophomore album, Iowa, which was released at the end of August and just certified platinum, Slipknot have been bonding with the road since June.

They spent most of the summer months on the Ozzfest main stage before co-headlining the Pledge of Allegiance tour, which just ended November 2.

Newbies 40 Below Summer have Slipknot ties. Their debut, Invitation To The Dance, was produced by #6 and was released on Slipknot’s label home, No Name Management.

Slipknot and company are expected to be Stateside from late November until mid-December, according to their record label.

In Flames stays on the bill for the European tour. Their latest album, Clayman, was voted best album of 2000 by a Metal Maniacs writers’ poll, putting ranking them over more familiar names like Deftones, Pantera, and Iron Maiden.

The Euro trek also features another band familiar to Slipknot fans.

Before the Pledge of Alliegance tour began, Slipknot’s #2, (bass player Paul) said, “Joey (#1, drums) and I were driving in our manager’s car recently, and he happened to play [American Head Charge‘s] CD. We were just blown away by it, and immediately told our manager we wanted them on the road with us. I think our fans are going to love them.”

They must have been right because Slipknot has added the band to their overseas dates as well.